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Window Viewer - virtual remote monitor porthole

4.0 ( 9440 ratings )
Utilidades Productividad
Desarrollador Dusty Technologis LLC
9.99 USD

Please note: At the moment this application is only available for Mac, unfortunately Windows is currently NOT supported.

You have an iPhone an iPad and a Mac -- why limit yourself to one at a time? With Porthole you can mirror applications on all of your devices at the same time. Changes on your computer are synchronized seamlessly. Porthole makes multitasking magical.

Spend less time searching through windows and more time using your computer.

• View any window on your iPad, even if the window is obscured by other windows or on another display
• "Follow Active Window" mode always shows the window you are working with

Uses for your Porthole:
• Put Photoshop tools conveniently on your iPad.
• Put a research website or chart on your iPad for reference as you write a document using the full screen.
• In meetings, hand off the iPad and use "Follow Active Window" for an elegant demo.
• Use a video adaptor or air display to show a window on a TV display.

Porthole connects instantly and does not require a rearrangement of your windows when it connects. This allows you to focus on the task at hand without any distraction. And it makes you look really cool in meetings.